Survey, Reporting and Analytical Solutions

Utilities need to know if their customer are satisfied with their service and how they can improve. Government agencies need to know their programs are successful. Schools and Universities need to know how to best serve their students or if their programs prepare students for life. Hospitals need to know if patients were treated well and what they can do to lower costs but improve patient care. Service companies need to know if their customers are happy and how to improve customer satisfaction so their customers return. All industries can benefit from needs assessment surveys of their customers or employees to determine any problem areas that should be addressed.

Companies and public service institutions need data and Singo Solution can gather it, report on the raw data, analyze it and provide objective results so they can make informed choices within their organization. Our staff has experience gathering and analyzing data for various industries, from State school district federally required surveys to Utilities customer service satisfaction, from private company’s employee satisfaction surveys to finding out if seniors citizens are OK at home on their own. 

Please check out the different sections of this website to see what avenues Singo can use to gather data and provide results, including raw data and in-depth analysis. Singo has professional agents that are trained to get accurate responses for the specific survey they are doing. In addition we have multiple other way to find, contact and gather information from respondents including:

  • Web based surveys
  • Telephone automation (IVR based)
  • Texting
  • Email
  • Snail mail
  • Social media

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To see a sample web survey and reporting/analysis available from that same survey, click here

This short video describes some of the tools available to our clients to conduct successful and meaningful surveys with data that allows decision makers to take action. Our hosted dialer, automated reporting, sms and a variety of other tools are available to make your surveys a success. Please contact us for more information and a demonstration.