Automated Surveys

Singo can also employ automated surveys using our calling platform to call the target audience and gather answers from their telephone, either on a call or by SMS.  Like the website surveys we can use similar methods to identify the customer and make sure the survey results are recorded only once. The respondents can also be given a phone number to call in and answer the surveys. The inbound calls can go to agents or to the automated survey. The benefit of this method is that it allows people to answer questions on their own time. We can record the selections from the phone and actual voice answers for open ended questions which will give the client the tone and tenor of the answer which can be important and what is missing from raw data or transcribed responses. These methods also allow Singo to get more completed surveys because we can reach more people this way, i.e. people that are not available to answer on the phone, can’t talk during the day or don’t like talking to strangers.