Calling Platform

For the agents to work effectively, Singo has their own proprietary dialing system that can call an audience from lists provided by the client or random numbers generated for a geographic area. Singo can use given information or data pulled from public records to target specific segments of audience, i.e. by demographic data, service type or any other way to target a specific population of people. The system weeds out answering machines (or can leave a message), busy, bad numbers, etc. so the agents only get the calls that are answered, that makes for a more productive experience for the client and gets the respondents data faster.  


Dialing System Features:

Survey Inteface: 

The ability to communicate with survey respondents and understand their needs OR complete live agent surveys as a BPO providing total survey reporting and metrics.

Custom Call Routing: 

The unique features of the Singo Platform enables the Admin Team to customize call routing DID and/or TFN. This ability to customize traffic routes applies to our Contact Center and any respondents that call back.

Agent-To-Agent Transfers:
Enables respondents to call back into an Agent group and speak with the agent who has been handling their survey or interview. This feature allows respondents to speak with the same agent post call disconnect.
Customizable CRM Interface:
To ensure that every data point is managed and every contact is is logged, we utilize a CRM database. This enables our teams to track surveys, and client responses in an efficient manner. .
Customizable Screen POP:
Our systme enables the Admin Team to define what contact list(s) items are reflected to the agent teams via the screen POP.This data enables the agent to effectively communicate to each respondent.

Call Recording: 

Unlike competitor platfroms, the Singo Solutions Platform provides for 100% Call Recording on BOTH the Contact Center Calls AND Ofice Phone lines.