Singo can provide the data back to the customer in multiple methods as raw data and/or analyzed reports. We will provide the analysis of the data as defined by the customer or using our experience to give the customer the results they want to see based on our relationship and understanding of their need. Oftentimes Singo will go above and beyond what was required.  For example, if we notice a trend or important factors in the results that were not initially identified, we will suggest and provide additional reporting or analysis with the results.
Some of the reporting options include:

  • Raw Data provided in csv, excel, xml or other file formats
  • Results, response rates and other important data of the various data collection methods, i.e. Phone call summary, web responses, automation, SMS, email, etc.
  • Reports and analysis requested by the customer:
    1. Singo will provide a set of reports on our secure web server that can be password protected, if needed.
    2. Singo will do the analysis and provide the reports based on the client requests
      • Separate reports cross tabulated by different demographic data
      • Reports weighted by identified factors that help give more accurate results
  • As an add-on Singo can provide more complex analytical reporting

Raw Data and all base analysis reports are available to be viewed via an online reporting server that is updated every hour with the most recent results.  These reports can be exported in multiple formats, Excel, CSV, XML, etc.   The customer can also have “subscriptions” where the reports are delivered to them via email on a regular basis. This will make sure the customer is aware of the progress and identify if any changes need to be made to the contact strategies. 
Singo can also deliver the reports and data directly, such as in data files put onto a secured FTP server (sFTP) hosted by either Singo or the customer. 
See a sample of the reports here. The reports for surveys are specific to a project and industry, in this example it is a secondary education measurement mandated by the Department of Education to measure student engagement after leaving school.  The reports provided are a combination of Federal required data and Singo provided analysis, cross-tabulated by demographic data to help the school districts identify segments of the population that might need additional assistance.